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A free JavaScript program to aid Tesla Coil designers in
the correct choice of the tank capacitor and ballast components…

The author believes that AC resonant charging is one of the more difficult things to understand in this field, and yet correct design in this area is key to good power throughput, high efficiency and impressive spark performance. This program is the result of over 18 months investigation into AC resonant charging and makes extensive use of both practical and theoretical data gained over that time.

The program will enable the Tesla Coil designer to specify the target power level and Rotary firing rate for his or her design. The program will then use a mathematical model to calculate the recommended value of the Tank capacitor and Ballast inductor in order to achieve the required power throughput at the chosen rotary BPS. In addition to this function, the program will also ensure a power factor of 0.85, and display the optimum PFC capacitance should the designer wish to improve the power factor further.

Hopefully this program will provide an accurate answer to the frequent question of:

What ballast setting and capacitor size is best for a system in which…?

…and it requires minimal technical knowledge to use. Simply enter the details of your transformer and rotary spark gap, then click Calculate.

The program will be in JavaScript format, and will be freely available for download to your hard disk for "off-line" use.

It is estimated that this program will be available by September 2001. However I would like to hear from any TC enthusiasts who are familiar with Microsim, and would be prepared to do some Beta Testing of this software for me over the coming months.

I want to be sure there are no bugs in this before it is released,
and I will be sure to include you in the credits if you help out !

-Richie Burnett

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